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editor-ghostwriter.com review

Editor's Rating:

editor-ghostwriter.com review and discounts


Editor is a skilled person, who should possess enough knowledge to be able to improve your paper and correct all the possible mistakes. I needed editing service, so I started to look for a good site. It proved to be really complicated, as professional editors cost quite a lot. In addition, I wanted to use services of a certain person, not of a company, because I supposed that companies were taking money for the brand, consequently, their prices were more expensive. So, when I first entered this site, I realized that it is being owned by Mike Valentino, who is said to be a professional book editor. I really liked this fact, because it meant that he was skillful and well educated. I looked through the samples and I enjoyed his manner of working. The paper which was placed as a sample, looked really perfect and I wanted my paper to look the same way, that is why I decided to make an order.

Price Policy

This service is said to be affordable, but it was difficult for me to check whether this fact is true or not, because prices were not presented on the site. At first at seemed to be rather suspicious, that is why I decided to email the owner (or his admin), in order for him to help me with counting. He replied me back in an hour and it appeared that editing of my journal article (12 pages) will cost me $345. I expected the price to be much lower, but as I liked quality of the samples, I decided to make an order, as they were edited really great.

Quality of Service


– I expected to receive the paper within the deadline, but the admin warned me that it will be delivered the next day. I was disappointed, but decided to wait.
– Finally, when I received the file, it appeared to be blank.
– I had to contact the admin again, and it took him about 5 more hours to send me the right paper.
– The quality of paper was medium, as the editor didn’t change a lot, though, I required him to edit my paper properly.
– I remained dissatisfied with the quality of paper and service as a whole.

Quality of Support


– The quality of support was really low, as the admin was rather ignorant and inattentive, as he sent me the wrong paper.
– Also, it is very inconvenient to communicate via email, as interactive live chat is much better.
– I was really disappointed with the way the admin was communicating with me, as he seemed to be rather rude and unwilling to help, as his only aim was not to understand me, but to protect the money and the company. I had an impression that customers are not valued in this company.


It is sad to recognize that this editing service is not professional, as it promised to be. I have paid quite a lot of money, but the editor sent me the paper later then he supposed to, and the quality was not up to my expectations.

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