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ellenbrockediting.com review

Editor's Rating:

ellenbrockediting.com review and discount code

Services and Prices

The site offers a wide range of editing services. Here you can order Novel critique, Developmental edit, Line edit, Query Letter Edit & Critique. Let me tell you a bit about each service:

–          Query Letter Edit & Critique are provided for those who wants to attract an agent or publisher’s eye with a professionally edited query letter. The cost is set per hour, and I think it is rather unfair – $60 per hour. Though they state that each subsequent round typically takes less time, however who knows how long will it take to edit your paper? So you will never know the exact quote for this service.

–          Line Edit focuses on the word choices, sentence structure, and flow. The cost is set per words. It is $18 per 1,000 words.

–          The Developmental Edit includes advice on Voice and Style, Plot, Pacing, Characterization, Character Arc, Marketability, and Age-Appropriateness (for YA and MG). The cost is $14 per 1,000 words.

–          As for the Novel Critique, it provides an overview of the major issues in your novel. The cost is $10 per 1,000 words.

On this site, you can also get tips and advices on how to write novels and articles.

Quality of Support

The site does not offer support in chat as well as phone number. The main Editor can be reached only by email. It is very frustrating, because she even claims that all emails concerning consulting will be ignored. As I have understood, Ellen will pay attention to your message only if you pay her.
Quality of editing

I had a smart plan. I decided to order just a part of my story to be edited in order to check the quality of the work. The quality was actually not as good as I expected. I did not expect such a result. Only slight corrections were made.


The site is inconvenient to use. It lacks online price calculator. All prices are set per hours which is unfair. I did not like the Editor’s attitude to the customers and approach. However, some people may find positive aspects in this service. I would better recommend you Clever Editor Company, at least, they have no hidden prices and terms.

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ellenbrockediting.com review

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