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english-proofreader.com review

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english-proofreader.com review and discounts


English-proofreader.com is a proofreading company located in USA. The website is very simple and plain. There are a lot of general information and nothing specific about the company itself. However, one thing attracted my attention.

English-proofreader.com offers 30% discount for students on proofreading and editing services. I was so excited and placed an order without any doubts!


Being an international student, I often use proofreading services to polish my essays. Last time I have used this Site and I was really satisfied with their services. Moreover, I got 20% discount for my 1st order. Nevertheless, this 30% off made my day! Therefore, I decided to try English-proofreader.com.


As I have already said, the company works with students and helps them to improve their written papers. They do not rewrite, but only correct your grammar, spelling and punctuation. The editors can also help make the vocabulary more academic and check consistency in vocabulary and style. They also have a right to make additions or deletions to enhance readability and improve sentence flow for the sake of clarity.  You will also get suggestions for improvement via comments in the margin. Thus, all in all, you will get 2 files – one with corrections indicated and the other one with corrections inserted.


The prices appeared to be rather high, so now I understand why they offer such a huge discount…

There are two levels of quality.

The Normal Service charges 2 cents per word including discounts. As I have already mentioned, Students get up to 30% discount, but it is not so simple! The discount system works as follows: 20% discount for less than 10,000 words; 25% discount for 10,000 words or more; and 30% discount for 20,000 words or more.

I felt like I was betrayed when I found out that issue…

Order process

Before submitting an order, all students are required to email a photo or scanned copy of the Student ID. What nonsense! Why do they need my personal ID? I think it is very serious request and they should review their privacy policy.

Quality of paper

When I got my paper, I regretted not having ordered Editing from the previous Company Editing Writing Services org. The paper was full of grammar errors; the writer had deleted too much information.


I guess that I will not pay my money to this online service again. They charge too much but do not provide clients with the promised quality.

Have you ever placed an order with english-proofreader.com/ before?

english-proofreader.com review

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