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kateproof.co.uk review

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kateproof.co.uk review and discounts

This site looks simple with nothing extra in its design and it is easy to look through. It stands for not just professional proofreading but for a proofreading which will be done in a friendly way as if you were friends with the editor to whom the site belongs to. There is a photo of a beautiful, young and smiling girl who does look friendly and very appealing making you feel comfortable and her trustworthy. There is contact information to view and be able to contact her in case you have questions or need to make some changes.

The site gives a full information upon the professionalism of the freelance proofreader you are about to apply for help. She says her editing will help your work to be original and great looking. The site has a simple but original at the same time name and informs of the total experience of its owner working which is quite rich, those are books, magazines, journal and individual articles, websites, research papers, theses and dissertations, business documents, including tenders and annual reports.

There are testimonials among the information about the proofreader and the feedbacks are rather positive which makes you feel positive about applying for help. In the Services section, you may look through what is not included into the service and once again the list of those kinds of work which you may get on here. You are asked to get in touch whatever your query is which is very kind and appealing while viewing.

Also, there is a blog where you can follow upon the latest updates of the proofreader. There is one post only on the page. To see the rest, look to the right and click on any of the given posts in the list of written ones. She does not offer any samples for free. And you are able to basically read her as a book due to the blog and get to know her closer. It is also possible to follow her on twitter so you could feel yourself comfortable as if being friends.

I cannot quite get why there is an iceberg on the page. It gives a feeling of cold. It would felt nicer, warmer if you like, if there was a sun on the cover or maybe a rainbow just to look more cheerful and fun.

As a good alternative, I can offer you to visit This service.

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kateproof.co.uk review

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