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www.scriptproof.com review

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www.scriptproof.com review


This is a proofreading and writing preparation services. The design is simple and pretty decent. There is a panel where you can find information on the service. Like any other site, it has a home page, about the service information, service themselves, bundles and contact information. There is an introduction on the home page of the site. Then, in about section, you can view the information about the person providing with writing preparation and proofreading services. All the buttons seem to be working fine.


You get helped by a professional writer and proofreader. He has produced and directed feature films. He is also a production coordinator of the film. There are testimonials left by the grateful customers. He and his competence does seem to be trustworthy to apply for help. It is also very appealing and cheerful when a person on the photo smiles. There is a photo of the writer smiling and it gives positive vibes.

Policy of price

To view the price list, go to Services section where you will see the pricing for each service. There is a wide range to choose from: proofreading, ghostwriting, script notes, treatment, synopsis, coverage, loglines, query letters and pitch. To make the payment, you can through PayPal or by a credit card of one of the banks mentioned at the very bottom of the page.


The price sheet is rather costly. This is the main disadvantage of the service. I would make changes to that part just so it was more affordable by the different groups of people. Then, I would also add a live chat option to be able to be in touch with the writer constantly.

Quality of paper

According to the numerous testimonials, the quality of the work being done is not bad at all. There is a huge but though. I was unable to reach the writer through the given contact information. Therefore, it is invalid or the there is something wrong with my computer. I wish there was at least a telephone number to dial and ask for help in that way.


It was nice to find out about one more service ready to help with writing and proofreading. I checked it out and wanted to contact the writer but I was unable to do that. I would like to wish everyone best of luck with their writings and to wish the service to be a little modified just so it was fully ready to be used.

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